Every article of Plutosport meets the highest demands of quality and reliability. By law you are entitled to a good product. This means that the product should be usable in a normaly way for a certain period of time. Plutosport applies a warranty period of 6 months. If the item shows unexpected defects within the warranty period and under normale use, it will be repaired by Plutosport. The product may be subject to replacement or repair depending on the review of the manufacturer and Plutosport. The warranty covers only manufacturing and / or material defects. Normal wear and tear does not fall under this warranty.

Warranty conditions

  • When a complaint is unfounded, the costs will belong to the customer;
  • If a complaint is justified, Plutosport decides if the item should be (partially) repaired, (partially) replaced or (partially) credited;
  • A returned item must be clean and dry. Example: wet or dirty (soccer) shoes will not be considered.
There can be no claim on the warranty when:
  • Damage is caused by intent or through negligence;
  • Improper use or improper maintenance;
  • Normal wear and tear, including wear shoes with soles and heels inside of the shoe and bare noses;
  • Colors giving off of shoes and clothing;
  • Fluffs from clothing and / or shoes;
  • Damage caused by not reading the instructions;
  • Damage caused by nature, human or animal.
If you have a complaint about one of our products, let us know. If possible, send us a photo of the complaint. You will receive a response from us as soon as possible with instructions on how to proceed.

Warranty outside of the Netherlands

Products that qualify for warranty but are abroad, can be arranged to be returned. Both the costs for transmission to Plutosport as the return shipment to the customer are on behalf of the owner of the article.