Discount codes & vouchers

Got a coupon code from Plutosport? Follow the steps below to use your code.

  • How it works?
  • Place your order in the shopping basket;
  • Click on the link after "Voucher Code" and fill in your code in the field that appears;
  • Click on "Apply" and the discount is directly applied.
Codes are case sensitive!

A code can only be used once, leftover discount will be discarded.
Check the bottom of this page for the other terms & conditions.

You don't need a code for most sales. The discount has already been calculated in the price!

Discount codes terms and conditions

If you are in the possession of a discount code or voucher, you can fill in the code in the indicated box (promotional code) in your shopping cart. Codes are case and space sensitive and must therefore be exactly copied. You then click "OK" and your discount will be deducted. If this is not the case, please contact Plutosport before you finalize your order!

Furthermore, for all discount codes and vouchers, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Discounts are considered granted once only. Earlier discounts bind Plutosport in no way to subsequent agreements.
  • A discount code cannot be used in combination with other discount codes or discounts of Plutosport. Only 1 discount code or voucher can be submitted per order.
  • Discount codes are only valid within the stipulated period. Codes that have expired cannot be reactivated.
  • Plutosport reserves the right to change the terms and/or conditions of a discount code at any time.
  • Discount codes that have a required minimum value spent, are calculated net of any returns. The remaining amount is the value spent. If, after deduction of returns, the spent amount is below the minimum value for the use of the code, the code is rolled back and will be settled with the returns.
  • The value of an order for discount codes that have a minimum value spent, are calculated excluding the shipping and handling costs.
  • Discount codes can be used once. If an order is returned (partial or total), the code is not reactivated.
  • Discount codes can never be settled afterwards and are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Vouchers with a higher value, cannot be split into smaller amounts.
  • When spending a lower amount than the value of the voucher, the remaining amount lapses.