Dunlop Tennis Racket Biotec 500 19''

Dunlop Tennis Racket Biotec 500 19''

This Dunlop tennis racket is an ideal racket for children. The racket is very lightweight, sustainable and flexible. This racket is great for children who learn to play tennis.

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Product Information

This Dunlop tennis racket has the following features:

This Dunlop Tennis Racket is made for children of about 4 years old. This racket is ultra lightweight and easily manoeuvrable.

Yellow / black racket by Dunlop
  • For children of +/- 4 years old
  • Length: 19 inch
  • Headsize: 87 inch²
  • Weight (strung): 190gr
  • String pattern: 16 x 16

  • The racket is delivered strung and with matching cover!

    How do I decide which tennis racket length to choose based on my body height?

    Stand up straight and hold the tennis racket. Let your arm with the tennis racket relax alongside your body. The tennis racket should reach your ankle, but not touch the ground (+/-5cm).

    Article number:675643
    Color:black - yellow

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