Dunlop Tennis Ball Stage 2

Dunlop Tennis Ball Stage 2

This Dunlop Tennis Ball is suitable for beginners (5 years and up). Because this tennis ball has less compression then regular ones, it’s bounce will be somewhat delayed. Ideal when learning to play and practicing your technique. This ball can be used on all surfaces and is used most often on the mini-field. The Dunlop tennis ball Stage 2 is ITF approved.

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Product Information

This Dunlop tennis ball has the following features:

The Dunlop Tennis Ball Stage 2, is especially designed for beginners (youth). This gasfilled ball has a low compression for a softer ball. The ball has a lower bounce and is lighter than a regular tennis ball which allows the player more time. The Dunlop Stage 2 ball can be used by players 5 years and older. The Dunlop Tennis Ball Stage 2 is ITF approved and suitable for all surfaces.
  • Yellow / orange ball by Dunlop
  • 3-can
  • Appropriate for beginners of 5 years and up
  • ITF approved
  • Suitable on all surfaces

Article number:602141
Color:green - orange

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