Dunlop Stage 3 Tennisballs

Dunlop Stage 3 Tennisballs

The Dunlop Stage 3 Balls are ideal tennis ball for kids of the age of 5 /6 years old. Stage 3 balls are slightly larger in size compared to regular balls and lighter in weight. The lightweight balls bounce less high than regular tennis balls which makes it easier for kids to strike back and learn the technique.

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These Dunlop Stage 3 Tennis Balls have the following features:

The Dunlop Stage 3 balls are ideal for young kids who’ve just started to learn the game. The tennis balls are therefore suitable for the age of 5 / 6. Stage 3 tennis balls are larger in size and lighter which gives them bounce qualities that are suitable for young children. The ball will not bounce up to high so that the child can more easily strike back.

  • Dunlop Stage 3 tennis balls
  • 3 tennis balls in a polybag
  • Designed for kids of the age 5-6

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