Dunlop Biomimetic Tennisbag * 6 Rackets

Dunlop Biomimetic Tennisbag * 6 Rackets

This Dunlop tennis bagis a very handy bag for competition / match players. The bag has two separate compartments, offering room for 6 tennis rackets. One of the compartments has a thermal layer, which will protect the items in the bag against the warmth. The bag is fitted with a handle and two shoulder straps so that it can be carried as a backpack.

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The Dunlop Biomimetic Tennis Bag hat folgende Eigenschaften::

The Dunlop Biomimetic tennis bag is a great bag and part of the new Biomimetic bag collection by Dunlop. The bag has two separate main compartments which offer room to about 6 tennis rackets. One compartment has a thermal insulation layer, which will protect the items in this compartment from the heat. This bag also has several smaller sections for storing your accessories. This Dunlop tennis bag has a handle and a two shoulder straps so it can be carried like a backpack.

  • Dunlop tennis bag
  • Room for appr. 6 tennis rackes
  • Two main compartments (1 with thermal insulation layer) and two sections for accessories
  • Several Dunlop brand logo’s
  • Size: 84 x 35.5 x 30cm

Dunlop is one of the oldest brand in the tennis sport. It all started with the design of the wooden rackets, of which the Maxply is best known. During the eighties, the synthetic/plastic tennis rackets were invented and innovation hasn’t stopped there, Dunlop keeps developing and designing. Famous players like Nikolai Davidenko, Tomas Berdych and Fernando Verdasco play with Dunlop rackets.

Article number:817097
Color:black - pink

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